Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There Are Other Churches Besides Two Rivers Baptist

I read (yet) another report claiming mis-deeds from Dr. Jerry Sutton, Senior Pastor at Two Rivers Baptist Church. There are members who are claiming all sorts of financial irregularities and have gone to court to gain access to financial records. According to the report, "(Dr.) Sutton sent a letter to members saying those who've sued the church will be thrown out if they don't shape up."

My advice to those who disagree with how things are being run at Two Rivers: it is time to find another church home. It is obvious that there is a disagreement. It is obvious that the pastor does not intend to budge from his position. It is obvious that the seventy (or so) members who want to oust the pastor are a small minority. There is nothing that a court suit, a group, or additional head-butting in the media will do to bring any glory to this situation. If there is wrongdoing, God will deal with the sin involved.

Full disclosure: I left Two Rivers Baptist Church a month or so after Dr. Sutton appeared on the scene and summarily dismissed some of the finest women ministers in the Southern Baptist Convention. It was my choice to leave. I spoke personally with Jerry and expressed my disappointment in his decisions. We agreed to disagree. I chose to find another church home. I am still at peace with that decision and view it as a door that lead me to new areas of service that I might not have discovered had I stayed.

Wonderful things have happened to Two Rivers under Dr. Sutton's leadership and although we may disagree on many things, God has blessed Jerry's ministry and Two Rivers Baptist Church. I wish Dr. Sutton the best. I wish those who disagree with Dr. Sutton the best as well.